GTP38 66/88mm Dual Ball Bearing Turbocharger Upgraded for Ford 7.3 Powerstroke



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    Powerstroke 7.3L 66/88mm GTP38 Dual Ball Bearing Turbo charger 

    Cast Anti-Surge Compressor Wheel + TP38 turbine wheel



    • Bigger 66/88mm cast compressor wheel can handle higher boost pressure and gain more air to the engine.
    • Dual ball bearings for unbeatable response, efficiency and durability. Elimination of the thrust bearing eliminates failures at elevated boost levels.
    • Expanded size Turbine wheel, size upgraded from stock 67.8mm to 69.8mm to make the turbine more powerful.Upgrade from stock 270° to 360° Thrust Bearing system for better lubrication.
    • Ported Anti-Surge 1.0A/R compressor housing.
    • Fit Vehicle: 1999.05-2003 E&F Series Super Duty with Powerstroke 7.3L engine.

    Technical Data:

    Compressor wheel: 66mm/88mm with extended tip technology(94mm) Trim:56

    Compressor Housing: 1.0 A/R, 4.00″ ported anti-surge air inlet / 3.55″ charge pipe outlet

    Turbine wheel: 76.5mm/69.8mm Cast from “Inconel” Material for high-temperature operation

    Turbine housing: 0.84 A/R 3.55″ Inlet, 4.25″ V-Band outlet

    The benefit of dual ball bearing turbocharger?

    Reduced Turbo Lag:
    Dual Ball Bearing turbochargers can spool up about 15% faster than traditional journal bearings, so it will signifcant reduce the turbo lag when the throttle is suddenly opened. This produces an improved response that can be converted to quicker 0-60 mph speed. In fact, when you drive with a dual ball bearing turbocharged engine, it will more like driving a big, normally aspirated engine.Reduced Oil Flow:
    The Dual Ball Bearing design reduces the required amount of oil required to provide adequate lubrication. This lower oil volume reduces the chance for seal leakage. Also, the dual ball bearing is more tolerant of marginal lube conditions, and diminishes the possibility of turbocharger failure on engine shut down.Improved Rotordynamics and Durability:
    The Dual Ball Bearing cartridge gives better damping and control over shaft motion, allowing enhanced reliability for both everyday and extreme driving conditions. In addition, the opposed angular contact bearing cartridge eliminates the need for the thrust bearing commonly a weak link in the turbo bearing system.

    Other Upgrade Options:Cast wheel/Billet wheel/Journal Bearing/Ball bearIng/the base/performance Actuator

    Additional information

    Upgrade Options

    Cast wheel/Billet wheel/Journal Bearing/Ball bearIng/the base/performance Actuator


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