How to identify a Turbo

There are always three ways to identify a turbo

  1. part number
  2. OEM number
  3. vehicle application + fitted engine + turbo pictures.

● Part number

The part number is defined by original turbo manufacturers. There are different naming rules of part number for different turbo brands.
For example:
KKK(BorgWarner) turbo part numbers- 4+3+4 pattern – such as 5303-970-0268,5304-970-0054,5435-970-0002,
Garrett turbo part numbers- 6+4 pattern – such as 787556-0017,812971-0002,715924-0001
Toyota turbo part numbers- 5+5 pattern – such as 17201-0L040,17201-11070,17201-30160

● OE Number

The OE number is defined by the vehicle manufacturers, so it usually have several OEM numbers of one turbo.
You can identify the turbo by any OEM Number.
For example:
14411-EB70A /14411-EB70C/14411-EB70B corresponds to this part number 767720-0002 of Nissan.

In general, you can check the part number or oem number on the label (name plate) of a turbo compressor housing, The following are some pictures to help you easier understanding where you can find the part number or OEM number on a turbo.

● vehicle application + fitted engine + turbo pictures.

The Turbo part number and OE number are the fastest way to confirming which Turbo you need, but sometimes these number are seriously damaged,you can provide these information:vehicle application + fitted engine + turbo pictures,we can confirm Turbos accroding to our experience, it is usually very accurate!

Any more questions about TURBOS, welcome to contact REFONE Performance, Turbo Technical Expert!

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