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Bad Turbo Symptoms: Signs Your Turbo May Need to Be Replaced

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If you like driving around in a car that produces plenty of power, then you’ll love what a turbocharger will bring to the table when you have one in your vehicle. It’s a part that is used to boost the power of a smaller engine. But unfortunately, it’s also a part that can go bad over time and cause all kinds of problems for your car. You should familiarize yourself with the various bad turbo symptoms so that you know when yours is on its way out. Learn more about what a turbocharger is and how you can tell when it’s on its last legs below.

What Are the Most Common Bad Turbo Symptoms?

Now that you know a lot more than you did about turbos and how they work, it’s time for us to talk about the bad turbo symptoms that you might see when your turbo starts to die on you. These symptoms are usually far from subtle, but there are some that you might miss if you’re keeping your eyes peeled. Take a look at some of themost common bad turbo symptoms:

  • Blue-black smoke billowing from your car’s exhaust pipe, which is usually an indication that your turbo has caused an oil seal to break

  • Scraping sounds coming from the direction of your engine, which may indicate that either the impeller or the compressor wheel (or both!) are rubbing up against the interior of the turbo due to faulty bearings

  • Rattling noises emanating from your engine, which are often the result of a wastegate that is used to vent exhaust gas failing

When you have a bad turbo in your car, you might also find that it loses power all the time, burns through too much gas and/or oil, or causes your check engine light to come on. In extreme cases, you might even discover that your car won’t start at all or that it’ll start but shut off soon after. All of these bad turbo symptoms will need to be addressed sooner rather than later.

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